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Thanks to VisionCorps, I’m living my birthday every day

Reggie Taylor, center, with Mike Hora, left, and Erika Rothermel, right. Reggie and Mike, both legal...

Experience Live Theater with Audio Description

Jeff Meets Yoshi, his New Dog Guide

Yoshi, Jeff's new dog guide

2023 Large-Print Calendars

LNP Online: Lancaster nonprofit offers free eye exams and eyeglasses

Find out if you qualify

A White Cane Stands for Independence

Watch our employees and clients recite and act out a poem about using a white cane.

Me and My White Cane, a reenactment of a poem from Perkins School for the Blind

White Cane Safety Day 2022

Insights Spring/Summer 2022

Reggie Taylor, a VisionCorps client from York, rappelled in Eye Drop 2022. Read about his experience...

Insights Fall 2021

Read about Jeff, who is learning Braille as an adult, and works in the Lancaster VisionCorps locatio...

Adventure seeker – at work and play

Scarlet Nishimoto and her daughter, Juniper.

Eye Drop 2022: Nantanya Sortland to rappel 10-story building for charity

Natanya Sortland, dressed as Lady Liberty, ready to begin her rappel from a 10-story building in Eye...

Ready, Aim, Shoot!

See how students with vision impairments learned archery

I volunteer because … I think I can make a difference

Reed Auker, man on right with baseball cap and dark blue coat opens the van door for Katarina Eller,...

When Jude Lucien writes his book, VisionCorps will stand out

Winter Weather Tips

Winter weather travel requires some advance preparation.

Planes, Trains, & Canes in the U.S. and Abroad

Katarina Eller Offers Orientation & Mobility Training

What do we do at VisionCorps? Here’s a short video to learn more!

Check us out at VisionCorps: We provide employment, services, and more!

Maribel Surita Receives Workplace Recognition

Maribel Surita receives workplace recognition by the Lancaster County Employment Coalition in honor ...

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