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When Jude Lucien writes his book, VisionCorps will stand out

Winter Weather Tips

Winter weather travel requires some advance preparation.

Planes, Trains, & Canes in the U.S. and Abroad

Katarina Eller Offers Orientation & Mobility Training

What do we do at VisionCorps? Here’s a short video to learn more!

Check us out at VisionCorps: We provide employment, services, and more!

Maribel Surita Receives Workplace Recognition

Maribel Surita receives workplace recognition by the Lancaster County Employment Coalition in honor ...

The Magnifier Fall 2021

Read about going to the theater and listening to audio descriptions of performances, accessibility o...

Hadley Presents Podcast: A Conversation with the Experts About Topics Unique to Vision Loss

Podcast with new episodes dropped regularly

Insights Spring/Summer 2021

Learn to use technology, with help, to live and work independently. Find out how VisionCorps is maki...

Blind People Can’t See Color but Understand It the Same Way as Sighted People

Research from Johns Hopkins University, 2021

Kayaking adventure weekend

Mike Hora: Man with Severe Vision Loss Set to Rappel 10 Stories in Lancaster

Ready to Rock and Roll: LNP intern rappels with Jesse Miller

His Summer Vacation is an Internship at VisionCorps

Clinton Tyler: He Looks Forward to Future Challenges

Clinton Tyler, production supervisor in the Lancaster warehouse, wants to see his employees advance....

The Magnifier Summer 2021

Learn about grocery and home delivery services available in your area, and choose one that works for...

LNP Online: After losing sight, Millersville resident to rappel 10 stories in VisionCorps fundraiser

Low Vision Low Down- Eye Drop 2021 is Friday, July 9

Have you ever rapelled down a 10-story building? Listen in to learn about the Eye Drop 2021 event th...

MCCC Meet the Class of 2021: Annamarie Parker

Annamarie Parker in 6ABC TV clip about her graduation from Montgomery County Community College.

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