Fire Safety – Some Tips

Tags: Adult, Advice and Insight, Awareness/Education

By Elisa Gaffney

Social Services Case Manager for Chester County

Eric Wachter from Minquas Fire Station #2, Downingtown Fire Department, was a recent guest at the Chester County Sight Loss Support Group.

He talked about fire safety and gave some helpful hints for people to be prepared before and during a fire. He also talked about fire prevention tips:

Before the Fire or Incident

·       Identify exits and plan two escape routes

·       Install and check smoke alarms; checks should be done every three months

·       Live or be near known exits such as hallways

·       Close doors, especially those near stairways and bedrooms

During the Fire

·       GET OUT and STAY OUT!

·       Test doors before opening

·       Stay low and go

·       Trapped? Call out for help and head toward an alternative escape route

·       Stop, drop, and roll

Fire Prevention

·       Cooking – Use lids on pans

·       Electrical safety – Do not plug high-voltage objects to extension cords, keep all cords away from water and clothing

·       Smoke outside

·       Check heating systems and fireplaces regularly

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