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Insights Winter 2023

Taleah participated in a paid internship through VisionCorps’ Student Transition to Employment Preparation Program (STEP), and then asked for a full-time job when she was finished. She works in the York office.

Insights Fall 2022

Sterling Slaybaugh was three-years-old when a vision screening at his preschool was found to detect a problem with his eyesight. Sterling was diagnosed by an eye doctor with congential cataracts that needed immediate correction. He had surgery and has since regained 90 percent of his vision.

Insights Winter 2022

Learn more about the Rodriguez family in York with a family history of vision impairment spanning three generations.

Insights Spring/Summer 2022

Reggie Taylor, a VisionCorps client from York, rappelled in Eye Drop 2022. Read about his experience and how he now feels like he is "living his birthday every day!"

Insights Fall 2021

Read about Jeff, who is learning Braille as an adult, and works in the Lancaster VisionCorps location. Also, read about Toby, a student who spent the summer in the STEP intern program, and his future interests.

Insights Spring/Summer 2021

Learn to use technology, with help, to live and work independently. Find out how VisionCorps is making 75% of the helmet pads used by the U.S. military.

Insights Winter 2021

Sandy Britcher explains how the pandemic made her feel less isolated from her peers, and how VisionCorps made it possible by expanding its support groups. And, meet Violet, a client and donor, who explains why it’s important for her to give back to VIsionCorps.

Insights Holiday 2020

When the school bus drops Chase off for kindergarten, he knows that once he gets through the front door, he must go straight and then take a right. He makes his way down the hall to his classroom, running his fingers along the wall, while holding a white cane in his right hand.

Insights Fall 2020

Dennis Rewkowski said, “In the beginning, I found it humbling. I’d been so focused on my own struggles. In the support group, I found myself among some people whose situations were a lot different than mine. It put my problems into perspective.” The Eye Drop event was postponed to July 9, 2021.