Eye Drop: A testimonial for VisionCorps

“I feel truly blessed to be living in the United States and Pennsylvania,” said Eric Long of Lebanon.

“Blessed beyond measure. Remembering that helps me keep things in perspective. My worst day is better than a lot of people’s best day ever. So, to the extent that I can, I try to pass those blessings on to others.”

Eric pays it forward through his involvement with VisionCorps and the Lebanon Lions Club. As a commercial loan officer for Peoples Security Bank & Trust, Eric is always on the lookout for good networking opportunities. About twenty years ago, he became a member of the Lebanon Lions Club.

“It was basically a Who’s Who of local business people,” he said. But the organization’s laser focus on helping people in need with impaired vision also attracted him. He chaired the Lebanon County Sight Conservation Subcommittee for upwards ten years, which brought him into close contact with VisionCorps.

For more than 50 years, the Lebanon Lions Club has been an ally to people with sight related  issues. In addition to helping fund services, several Lions members have served on VisionCorps’ Board of Directors.

“Until I joined the board recently, I didn’t realize how deep VisionCorps’ reach is – how many lives they touch on a daily basis,” Eric said.

When he attended his class reunion, Eric ran into a former classmate who now works for VisionCorps. “I learned that she became legally blind in her mid-twenties from a degenerative illness. We take our sight for granted.”

Eric was brought up with the adage: to whom much is given, much is required. “My dad taught me by example to maintain a balanced life, have a good work ethic, and do whatever you can to help others.” He hopes that young people, who seem so distracted and overwhelmed with the demands of modern life, will find a way to reap the rewards of service to their community.

Events like the Eye Drop Campaign are a good way to get young people involved. “Last year, I rappelled for the first time,” Eric said. “Frankly, I was scared to death! It took me 15 minutes to step off the building. You have to trust that the harness and the ropes are going to hold you. This year was a little easier, but I still had butterflies in my belly.” His wife Heather livestreamed the event and her coworkers were cheering him on.

“She wants to do it with me next year!”

“It’s such a phenomenal, well-run event, and it attracts a lot of spectators,” Eric said. “People want to know, ‘What’s going on here?’ And that provides the perfect opportunity to give a little testimonial for VisionCorps and the impact they’re making in our community.”

Originally published in Insights Newsletter Spring/Summer 2022 by VisionCorps

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Eric Long participates in Eye Drop to help educate people about the work done by VisionCorps.