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VisionCorps welcomes the media to contact us to arrange interviews for stories related to VisionCorps’ Community Outreach, Rehabilitation & Education Group or Business & Industry Group. Below you can find items often requested by the media.

To reach the media contact for Community Outreach, Rehabilitation & Education, Carol Gifford, please email or dial 717-205-4149.

To reach the media contact for Business & Industry Group, Katie Phillips, please email or dial 717-205-4126.

Press FAQs

  • Everyone learns at a different pace and style, and training can take from a few months to years. Learning things like Braille or access technology might be easier for someone who has been blind all or most of their life, while people who lose their vision later on may have more difficulties. Having information and resources as well as maintaining a positive attitude and being persistent are keys to overcoming challenges! VisionCorps works with each client to determine their goals, and develops a personalized plan to reach them.

  • A dog guide is specially trained to safely guide someone who is blind or vision impaired. The handler tells the dog where to go by giving him directions (such as forward, left and right), and the dog leads the person. Don’t touch a dog guide while it is wearing a harness. A dog guide is working and its job is to be attentive to its handler’s commands and safety. Your touch may confuse the animal or distract it from doing its job. Dog guides  are allowed in all public places in the United States. While VisionCorps does not train dog guides, they do provide the Orientation and Mobility training required before any client is eligible to attend a dog guide school. In addition, VisionCorps assists clients with dog guides with any challenges that arrive following the acquisition of a dog guide.

  • Legal blindness is is defined as having a visual acuity (sharpness of vision) of 20/200 or worse in the better-seeing eye with correction (glasses or contacts) or having a visual field (area of vision) less than 20 degrees (extreme tunnel vision).

  • You can be referred by your eye care physician or refer yourself. We then ask for a report from your eye doctor to ensure we are providing you with the services you need based on your eye condition. Contact Mary Lou at 717-205-4141 or

  • VisionCorps services are provided at no cost. Most services are supported by donations from the community and revenue from the Business & Industry Group. Should clients require assistive devices or other products, there may be a cost involved. VisionCorps can connect clients to organizations to help offset these expenses.

  • Yes! You may call VisionCorps toll-free by dialing 866-876-8550 or send us a message by visiting our Contact page. We would be happy to talk with you about any questions or concerns you may have before referring yourself or someone else.

  • VisionCorps services focus on providing the tools and training necessary for people living with low vision and blindness to live as independently as possible. Services include prevention of blindness, rehabilitation services, support, and education services, and training in access technology. Services are personalized to the individual and are provided to all ages.

Latest Press Releases

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VisionCorps Donates Rice to Those in Need

Shirl Worsham stands in front of rice packages on pallets.

Lititz Family Adopts Dog from Local Partnership with Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Send Your Letters to Santa – in Braille

National White Cane Day is Friday, Oct. 15, 2021: The white cane is a symbol of freedom, independence, and confidence

VisionCorps Offers Free Programs

Big Swing Golf Tournament and Silent Auction on Oct. 4 to Benefit VisionCorps

School is Starting: VisionCorps Offers Free Eye Exams and Glasses to Qualified Students

Kayak Adventure Weekend for Blind and Vision-Impaired, Aug. 13-14

Free Eye Exams and Eyeglasses to Qualified Individuals

Eye Drop 2021: Rappel 10 Stories from roof of Holiday Inn Lancaster Friday, July 9, 2021

A Decade of Study and Determination Ends in Graduation for Annamarie Parker

VisionCorps’ Tanee Wall Honored as Outstanding Employee by National Organization

National Industries for the Blind names Wall as CMS Outstanding Participant

VisionCorps Offers Free Eye Exams and Glasses to Qualified Individuals

Voucher program is partnership with Pennsylvania Vision Foundation

VisionCorps Offers Free Programs to Groups

Speaking presentations available to community and services clubs

VisionCorps Postpones Eye Drop Rappelling Event Until 2021

Annual fundraiser postponed due to ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic

VisionCorps receives International Paper Foundation Grant

$2500 to support Accessible Technology programming

VisionCorps Begins Face Mask Production for Use During Pandemic

Awarded State and Local Orders

Four Honored by AFP of Central PA for Philanthropic Contributions

VisionCorps donor Marion Mort, 102, named Philanthropist of the Year

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