Welcome Benjamin Brenya, Access Technology Specialist

Tags: Access Technology

Benjamin Brenya, VisionCorps’ new access technology specialist, is ready to teach clients and employees the best way to use technology to help them work and live independently. “We can learn to use the same devices and apps as sighted people,” said Benjamin, who is legally blind.

“Microsoft programs and software are accessible, and there is assistive and adaptive technology to make documents and most technology accessible to employees and clients who are vision-impaired.”

“I want to help employees who are vision-impaired adopt and use technology to work efficiently and become very productive, and I want sighted employees to understand how important it is to use and make all things accessible to the employees who are vision-impaired.”


Benjamin’s Role at VisionCorps

Benjamin can help clients with any technology needs, including learning about accessibility features on tablets, computers, and smartphones, useful low vision apps, how to use a screen reader or magnification software on computers, talking scanners, Braille devices, and smart home devices.

Some of his favorite apps are:  Be My Eyes, a free app that connects a person with a vision impairment to a sighted volunteer to look at something for you; screen reader software such as – read your mail, look for something; Supersense, a subscription app that scans your surroundings and able to read text, photos, and music; Lazarillo GPS, providing guidance through cities and locations such as transportation sources, businesses, restaurants, and health care facilities; and Cash Reader, which identifies several world currencies in real time.


More About Benjamin

Benjamin moved to Lancaster from New York City, where he has lived since 2019, when he moved to join his wife from Ghana, who was already in the U.S. In Ghana, he worked as an access technology specialist for Ghana Blind Union.

“My first visit to Lancaster was for my interview. I like it here, it’s not as crowded as New York and it’s quieter.”

In his spare time, Benjamin enjoys hobbies like goalball, where he played as part of the national league and participated in IBSA-sanctioned games for Ghana. He hopes to find a team in Lancaster and play again when the pandemic allows it. He also enjoys swimming and traveling.

He is also interested in finding out more about baseball.

“I know nothing about baseball, but I’d like to learn,” said Benjamin.

Most of his free time is spent on the computer, browsing for new, accessible technology and trying out new apps. He likes watching NASA and Space X live, and said he’d “like to be the first person to visit Mars.”