Low-Vision Tips on OT Podcast

Tags: Access Technology, VisionCorps

Podcasts are pre-recorded talk radio shows that can be accessed at any time on different technology platforms such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. I was interviewed recently on a podcast which focuses on low vision occupational therapy (LVOT). Marlene Snow, a fellow low vision OT from Oklahoma, invited me to be her guest on a podcast she created, titled Low Vision OT Podcast.


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Marlene connected with me on Linked In, an app that people use for networking, finding a job, and staying up to date on topics in their fields. I joined Linked In to network with other occupational therapists/occupational therapy assistants. Marlene was interested in finding out more about VisionCorps, and how I practice low vision OT. We connected via email, and found common interests, including sharing some mutual OT contacts. It is always great to meet fellow low-vision colleagues, since we are few and far between in the OT field!


The Low Vision OT Podcast features different OTs speaking about a range of low-vision topics. In my episode, which dropped on July 24, 2020, I highlighted VisionCorps and how our organization works with clients. I discussed low-vision OT, and some different tips and techniques that I show clients such as marking techniques and makeup application. Tune in (see how to access the podcast below), and learn how low vision OT can help you! Another great low-vision podcast worth following is Hadley Presents.


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