Closet Organizing 101

Tags: Advice and Insight

Stuck at home?  What better time than now to consider organizing your closet! I know what you are thinking, how am I going to do that? Please consider these tips and tricks to transform your closet into an organized space:

First and foremost- reduce clutter! If you haven’t used the item for a year or more, consider donating it or getting rid of it! Reducing clutter in your closet will help reduce visual clutter, or having so much in your drawers or closets that you can’t find what you’re looking for.

  • Use brightly colored painter’s tape to mark closet doors and/or drawers as this tape will not damage paint and furniture.
  • Use plastic drawer cases like Sterilite as places to store smaller items such as socks, underclothes, etc. Then, label with recordable labels (such as PenFriend) or bump dot patterns that make sense to your needs.
  • Consider adding dividers to drawers such as to separate sweaters from sweatshirts, etc.
  • Organize garments by color: i.e.; blue shirts/pants in one section, etc.
  • Use different colored hangers to indicate specific types of clothing.
  • Organize clothing by color and type, i.e. short sleeve shirts and blouses together, long sleeves next.
  • Use 3.5×5 inch notecards with bump dots or bold markings to indicate a color change. For instance, take a hole puncher and hole punch the notecard so that you can hang it over a hanger hook. Do this each time you start another color group.
  • Create a labeling system of hangers with braille clothing labels, safety pins and/or rubber bands.
  • Consider sewing differently shaped buttons inside a clothing garment to ID a particular color group or garment type.
  • Try painting the first letter of a garment’s color on its label with puff paint.
  • Try labeling boxes such as for shoes with raised adhesive foam letters.

The latter mentioned techniques for organizing your closet are simply ideas to help you get in the spirit of organizing.  If one idea doesn’t work for you, consider trying another tip from the list. Should you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Stacie Doan in our Occupational Therapy department with your questions. At this time, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking all questions via email or telephone call. You can reach Stacie at (717) 205-4143 or via email at Stay healthy all, and happy organizing!