CCTV Loaner Program

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The VisionCorps Rehabilitation Department would like to begin the New Year with a special thanks to all those who have donated so generously during the past year.  In particular, we want to thank everyone who donated used equipment to our CCTV Loaner Program. This program allows us to provide VisionCorps clients with equipment and adaptive aids they might not otherwise be able to afford.


The loaner program is not limited to CCTVs and electronic aids. We also help to “recycle” low-tech tools and aids.


We do accept donations of gently used blindness and low vision equipment both high-tech and low-tech, including stand and hand-held magnifiers with lights, CCTV, portable CCTV, Ott lamps, glare shields, talking clocks, and talking watches. The equipment should be in good working condition. If you wish, we can provide you with a non-cash donation form to use for tax purposes. If you are unable to deliver the equipment to the VisionCorps offices, please contact us to arrange pick-up by calling Mary Lou Kubicki at 717-205-4141.


Your generous gift can make a world of difference to someone living with blindness or low vision.