VisionCorps Voucher Program

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VisionCorps and the Pennsylvania Vision Foundation have been working together to offer free vision examinations as well as basic frames and lenses to low-income families in Southeastern and South Central Pennsylvania. This program, which is crucial to so many, is supported through Vision Benefits of America.

VBA Voucher Program helps low-income families see.


Following is a Questions & Answers look at the process for obtaining a voucher:

When did the vouchers program begin?

The program began in Fall 2017.

Who is eligible to qualify for a voucher?

To qualify for a voucher, you have to qualify as low-income and cannot have vision insurance. Students who receive free or reduced lunches qualify automatically.

What is the process for obtaining a voucher?

Those interested in obtaining a voucher can walk into VisionCorps’ Lancaster office at 244 N. Queen St. in Lancaster or they can call toll free 866-876-6550. If they call in, Mary Lou Kubicki, VisionCorps’ Administrative Assistant for Rehabilitation and Education, will take their application information over the phone.

What is the estimated number of vouchers provided each year in the five counties VisionCorps serves?

The program is providing an average of 560 vouchers each year. That number looks to be higher this year as the need for vouchers continues to grow substantially.

How is the voucher program helping those in need in Pennsylvania have healthy vision?

The goal is to foster and preserve human eyesight through the science of optometry in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Mary Lou said, “The recipients of the voucher that I work with are all very appreciative.”


For additional information on the voucher program or to see if you or someone you know qualifies, please call Mary Lou at 866-876-6550. More information on Vision Benefits of America, including participating optometrists, can be found at

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