Working Together with Dr. Ryan Yealy of Yealy Eye Care of Lancaster

Tags: Eye Care

My name is Dr. Ryan Yealy of Yealy Eye Care of Lancaster. It is hard to believe we just celebrated our one-year anniversary with the VisionCorps family. I am the new low vision specialist located in the VisionCorps Lancaster building. Over the last year, the eye practice has not only changed ownership, but we have changed our approach to handling our low vision patients!

The Yealy Eye Care team believes in building upon the communication that Steinman Eye Clinic had with VisionCorps. We believe that to provide the best possible care for low vision patients, a holistic approach must be taken, which usually occurs in the following steps:

Step 1: Treating Ocular Diseases

Retinal Specialists are treating patients for most of the ocular diseases that cause low vision. We are working diligently at Yealy Eye Care to increase communication with Retinal Specialists on the importance of referring their low vision patients to a low vision specialist.

Step 2: Vison Exam

The low vision exam is needed to determine which low vision aids will best help the patient improve the functional vision they have left.

Step 3: VisionCorps Referrals

Yealy Eye Care is making it a point to refer our low vision patients to VisionCorps. This step has been lacking in the past, but it is extremely important. VisionCorps provides so many services to the low vision population, and by not referring patients for those services is a disservice to them.

Yealy Eye Care will continue to improve on this approach to the low vision process with the help of the VisionCorps staff. We look forward to being included in the VisionCorps family for many years to come.