Ready, Aim, Shoot!

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Several youth had the chance to learn about archery recently when they participated in an adaptive Discover Archery class for students who are blind or vision-impaired.

“It was great fun and our kids loved it,” said Jennifer Eaton, manager of VisionCorps’ youth program. “You could hear the laughter and the kids were enthusiastic and happy to be so successful in this session.”

The class was held at the Lancaster Archery Academy, a training facility and supply store in Lancaster, that includes an indoor range. Instructors guided the youth through step-by-step on how to set up, use, and follow-up for shooting an arrow to mark. The facility is known for training a Lancaster County high school student, archer Casey Kaufhold, for the 2021 Olympics.

“Our instructors knew all about adaptations to use for the sites,” she said. “They had a tripod with a ball that they created to help kids learn where to place their arrow. Then they added balloons on the targets and the kids were happy to be able to shoot an arrow and pop them.”

It was a fun opportunity for the students to also learn about orientation and mobility concepts, she said.

“They learned quickly to be aware of their body, what direction they were facing, and where they were in relation to other participants and equipment,” said Eaton.

The session ended with one goal:  to do it again! Eaton is hoping to set up another student session soon.

For more information on VisionCorps’ youth enrichment program, which includes a summer camp program, please call 717-205-4141.


Learning archery

See how students learned to shoot arrows at an archery facility using adaptations such as balls and tripods to line up their equipment to shoot.